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Sinus M

SENSORLESS VECTOR CONTROL OR V/F INVERTER 200 – 480 Vac power supply Full...

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Sinus N

SENSORLESS VECTOR CONTROL OR V/F INVERTER 200 – 230Vac single phase power...

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Sinus Penta IP54

IP54 protection degree suitable for environmental conditions with strong...

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Sinus Penta

Automation applications incorporated in the inverters of the SINUS PENTA series...

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  • With an increased prospective on safety systems and hazardous area, we continue to position ourselves on the leading edge of technology allowing us to maintain its position in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Automotive, Food, Aerospace, Power Generation and Utilities, with our many Engineering disciplines.

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  • Our future is bright and even today as we face other demanding environments in obsolescence and cost Technical Solutions 24 Seven still maintains the core standards in Engineering Excellence, Process Understanding, Fast and reliable service, Quality, Value for money in a safe working environment.

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